Wk-6-Identiy Art (Periscope)

imageimageimageOn the week six we had to utilize the periscope app to communicate with others. At first I was a bit shy and a little lost, didn’t quite understand how to work it or what to say. I was in the library and I didn’t know what to say therefore I began to speak about random and insignificant things meanwhile a couple of buddies were studying I began to record them and record myself.

I notice that I didn’t really have much of an audience. But I really wanted to grab the attention of those who joined my periscope. Since no one really asked question I began to speak and speak. But I truly believe that if more viewers would have join my periscope it  would have not been boring. The reason why I say this is because the activity also need us to look at others periscope. I got into a beautiful Russian girl although I did not understand what she said i purposely typed something out in english and she began to speak english in this magnificent Russian accent which basically made me fall in love.

I think periscope is a magnificent way to communicate completely random. Overall this activity was fun but social humiliating after the fact that you let go of your shyness then it kinda turns into a normal very video of yourself.

User name: @Fily16



Wk-14- 3 way Classmate Conversation


This semester has been great heading to the galleries on Thursdays and meeting new yet different classmates. This semester I actually made two great friends. Nestor Placensia and Edgar Navarro. These are two down to earth soft hearted guys with tons of pressure on there shoulders. The reason being is because there parents are relying on them to become a bit more finically stable, just like my parents are. Being a second generation child in a Mexican-America household usually doesn’t allow us to attend a four year university because of the household finical stability but our parents worked hard therefore we could have the opportunity to attend school.

We are all Mexican-American students trying to find a way to succeed in life and help our parents out. Edgar and I are both third year students at Cal State University of Long Beach, meanwhile Nestor is a second year student. Nestor and Edgar are both looking forward to majoring in the business field. Although Nestor is debate whether he should change majors or stay in the business field. We also love to play video games, hang out with friends and family. Overall we just love to have fun, living life as if everyday could be out last.

Although it seems like we have lots in common we also have differences that makes us unique for example Nestor and I love to play soccer meanwhile Edgar is a baseball type of guy. Edgar favorite food is birria, Nestor favorite food is pizza, and I love tacos. Nestor said he loves Picasso because he’s so abstract and modern for his time, in which lots of people didn’t understand his paintings but thats what makes it unique. On the other hand Edgar likes Professor Glenn because he inspires him to be self-confident, and gives him the courage that one day he will dye his hair.




This week I decided to interview Lourdes Martinez. Lourdes Martinez is a senior student at Cal State University of Long Beach majoring in photography. Through her high school years she’s been trying to figure herself out, and happen to notice that photography truly brought out her inter joy. So she states that by senior year in high school she’s found her interest in photography. But she never thought a hobby would turn into a career.

The picture above is one of her art pieces which was inspired by a photo that was taken in the 1990’s. Lourdes states that it was a photo taken by NASA and its of photo of earth. She loves the picture because she could demonstrate to her viewers how insignificant we are and earth is in this milky way.

Lourdes was surfing the network and she happened to find this picture therefore she zoomed as close as she could and snapped a picture with her camera. I liked this piece because it was simple and it had a meaningful meaning to Lourdes and it reminds me how small this earth really is.

Unfortunately Lourdes Martinez didn’t have a website!

Wk-13-Artist Conversati0n



The Artist of weeks thirteen is Tyler Turett. He is a illustrator and a animator. This is his last gallery in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East named Make your Mark, before he graduates since this is his last semester at Cal Sate University of Long Beach. Currently he is living in Huntington Beach. And has an internship at a studio called Shadow Machine.

If interested in his art his website is Tylerturett.wix.com

Tyler’s inspiration come from all those years of watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon through his childhood. As well as Tim Burton Movies. Sketching is the way he starts and creates his illustrations. Sketching on his table to him is a norm although to others it could be different. Tyler designs around the personality of the character that he is making. Tyler is currently working on show called Jeff and Some  Aliens which will be shown on Comedy Central which is a big comedy show on television.

I personally enjoyed the different types of animations and illustrations of characters and figures. Each animation had its significant form. Some had different shapes, sizes, facial expressions. It really seems like Tyler loves to put lots of details on his illustrations and animations. And I know that one day his dream will come true, which is working for Pixar.




Wk-13-Classmate Conversation


This week I had the privilege to interview Diana Solis. Diana is definitely a kind and interesting classmate. Her websites name is Solisdiana.wordpress.com if you would like to see any of her post. She is born and raised in Long Beach, California but went to school in Lakewood. which is only five minutes away from Long Beach. Diana is a fourth year and is going to graduate next semester with a bachelor degree in sociology. Hopes that one day she can work with kids, encouraging them throughout there youth life.

Diana is an art enthusiast. Since as long as she can remember drawing was always a hobby she’s had an interested in. Although she never saw it as a career she definitely likes to draw and paint throughout her spare time. A couple of hobbies of her are shopping, loves hanging out with friends and family, and art its self. Her three dogs are what help her remain or stay sane.

When I asked Diana how she defined art 110 before the course; she instantly said that she thought it was going be more hands on. She believed that she was going to be able to demonstrate her drawing abilities. And now Diana defines art in deferent ways. Are just isn’t about drawing and painting. Art is everything, art can be anything. She believes are is so special that it allows people to in tag there feeling or speak out something they want to say.


Wk-5-Classmate Conversation


This week I had the privilege to meet Jonathan Juarez. Jonathan is a very sweet guy. This is his second year at Cal State Long Beach. He commutes from Huntington Park. Jonathan said it was difficult to adapt at first but now commuting doesn’t bother him anymore. Jonathan wants to major in accounting. He’s pursuing accounting because he’s always had a feel for numbers and management. His dream job is to work for a enormous accounting firm. Or to be an accountant adviser therefore he can help others make proper, logically and intelligent decision with there finances.

Jonathan will be turning 19 years old this month on October 29. On his free time Jonathan likes to hang out with his family and friends. Generally he hangs out with his father, the reason why he loves to hang out with his father is because his father has always been his idol. Jonathan just really looks up to his father and wants to be like him when he becomes a father. Jonathan also loves play Fifa 15 on the playstation 4. And like to go hiking, he likes to go to the Palos Verdes hiking trail, plus a hiking trail by Cabrillo beach. His favorite soccer teams are Chivas and Barcelona. He also plays as a forward on the pitch and plays on a sunday league.

I asked him the question of the week which was what was his favorite type of art. His response was any 3D figure sculpture. He gave a good example Jonathan referenced me to the second week activity “Plaster Casting.” He loves the fact that you can visualize it and see it in different ways. Getting a complete analysis of an object satisfy  him since he’s a visual learner. Jonathan included that with a 3d object are more the just visual but you can actually touch them and get the feeling of the object and analyze the texture, volume, and vanity of it. Jonathan believes the 3D helps him get a greater perspective since he’s a visual learner.

Wk-6-Artist Conversation


Sery Kwon is a twenty-three year old female artist looking to graduate within the following semester in drawing and painting at Cal State University of Long Beach. Kwon was born in Korea and traditionally in Korea is very tradition and skilled based country. When she migrated into the United States going to an all girls school at Downey St. Joseph. P.S. my sister went to that all girls school and they have a very good academic programs.

Sery Kwon Website: sarykwon.weebly.com

The materials that Kwon utilized for her paintings are acrylic paint, rice paper, and she used google earth. One of her favorite painters is Mark Bradford. Since she was child her inspiration to her drawings have been Mark Bradford. Since Kwon was in middle school she’s been drawing and still to this day loves to draw. She wants to graduate and paint for the rest of her life and be able to teach a high school art class.

Ariel views is what her art is based off of. Kwon wanted the audience/viewers to experience the sensation of being in those places. She really wants her viewers to feel the painting to really get into it. Thats why she uses saturated colors (Bright colors only) not only does she love to use saturated colors but they are her inspiration. And her favorite color is coral which represents her happiness to her.